We fix your DevOps problems

Sixfactors trains, hires and manages your virtual DevOps team at an affordable cost, so that your development team can focus on coding, and not worry about shipping.

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Features taking too long to ship?

Coding is easy, but shipping on cloud infrastructure is complex and error-prone. Automation can save precious time and money. Here is how we help here:

DevOps Training and Certification

Jump start your career in DevOps. Learn practical use cases and solve real-life problems with different types of CI/CD workflows and DevOps tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins and more.

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Build DevOps Workflows

We’ll build and configure your CI/CD workflows using your favorite DevOps tools and cloud infrastructure, tailored for your development teams on a flat fee model starting at US$7,500.

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Virtual DevOps Team

Extend your existing development team with fractional or dedicated DevOps resources. Hire fully trained team members for managing your DevOps tasks, and 24/7 pager duties, starting at just US$3,500 per month.

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